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September 2022

Miracle in the Garden 


Gardening is an inseparable part of “County Living”.  It is also an important part of us at HCBN Indonesia because most of what we eat come from our own garden. 

In recent years, God has increased responsibilities in media and construction works. And as a result more missionaries have joined our team. We often question, will God continue to faithfully provide for our needs and give us decent lives now that there are 19 of us? Can we be sustained from the same garden?

Our God works in ways that we do not necessarily understand. Since our numbers have increased, our garden yields have strangely increased.  Vegetables, tubers, beans never cease to grow for us to cook and eat.  We even have 12 village-workers and their families, and sometime their neighbors who all live locally, they are fed by the abundance of yields from the same garden.


Does God limit His love only to us? Certainly not. We have learned that our crops are also enjoyed by several trespassers that harvest without permission. Because lack of faith they simply choose to eat without putting the hard work. Although we know who they are, we do not believe them to be a threat to our food security. Out of compassion we even give them money to keep them from stealing just to provide for basic needs.

Ironically, we have them to thank, since we have an avocado tree that never bore much fruits, but is now giving abundantly now that the thieves start stealing them. 

God also keeps wild animals around us since we are close to the jungles in the mountain. We often find wild boars  during the night and monkeys daytime in our garden trying to find food. Our fencing  cannot hold against their ravaging.  We protect our gardens as best we can, but if God chooses our gardens to be a source of food for His creatures, we are willing to share.


It is God’s grace for us that we learn daily through gardening. His love that sustains us does not cease. Although we’re undeserving, His grace is abundantly bestowed upon us.



Comments (4)

05 oct. 2022

puji TUHAN

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
30 nov. 2022
En réponse à

Terima kasih atas doanya.

27 sept. 2022

Luar biasa sekali bagaimana dari sini saya belajar agar ketika kita berkebun kita harus berbagi dan bukan mencari keuntungan untuk diri sendiri 🙏

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
30 nov. 2022
En réponse à

Amin, semoga kita semua dapat lebih berbagi dikehidupan sehari-hari kita.

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