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MAY 2023 (2)

Open Your Doors To Those Who Seek


The Bible says that in the end time, people will still be marrying and given in marriage, eating and drinking, planting, buying selling, and building (Luk 17:26-29), and they are destroyed when the Son of Man comes. We may perceive these normal activities being evil because they are contrasted against the coming of Christ. But while it is true that some may have selfish motives, indeed they are not meant to stop altogether because God wants them to be used as our means to interact with others. He hopes that everyone gets prepared for salvation.

Hence the motivation to keep building spaces and facilities in the light of what we also believe: “In the last days, that the mountain of the LORD’S house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above all hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.” Isaiah 2:2

Does the verse have a literal meaning? It is rather spiritual, as a matter of fact. God has a group of believers in this world that will stand tall against the current of the world, their values uncorrupted by evil influences. When the world comes apart and everyone is hopelessly seeking solutions to the worldwide chaos, they will be like the wise Solomon to Queen Sheba, and like Daniel to King Nebuchadnezzar. They will be given God’s wisdom to provide answers to the wondering multitudes. Christ will be the center of the lives of these modern-day Moseses that their countenances will shine forth the truth. They have seen rays of God’s glory and tasted His goodness that their hearts only rejoice in walking with Him, talking about Him, and their minds constantly thinking of Him and doing His work. Every aspect of their lives will testify to others of God’s mercy. Through them will be revealed life’s secrets and the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. The great number of people will be at their doorsteps seeking refuge within their domains because of God’s presence inside their gates.


Every single believer understands this burden because we know the time of judgment is about to expire. Just as the angels of heaven rejoice when a soul comes to Jesus, the immense joy also becomes ours when those in connection with us repent and enter into a new life in Him. We believe spreading the gospel is not about bringing someone to physical building of a church and installing a mere Adventist traditions upon them. But it is sharing the true meaning of love, joy and peace in doing God’s will and inspiring others to do the same. That is why without a contrite heart and a true repentance, one can never bring gospel to others.

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What does this have to do with building physical homes? Are we not to sell our properties in the last days, instead of accumulating them? It depends on whether you build for investment sake, hoping that they increase in value in order to satisfy your greed for personal gains, or you build to provide homes, exposing Christ to those desiring to seek the truth. The former comes from selfish motives while the latter is the will of God.


Through television, outreach, community activities, and friendships, HCBN Indonesia is making connection with the world. Our center of influence is not a public place nor it is a vacation destination. It is a mission to inspire the outside world through the light of everyday choices. We believe practical Christianity is what the world needs now when everyone is just fed up with religions, and half-hearted Christianity has turned people away from Christ himself. We are destined to become a home to the seeking souls. Many people without prior opportunities to understand will come at the last hour and it is our duty to open our doors. And today God is indeed preparing their steps toward you, too. According to your specific duties, your talents, interests, societies, your circles of friends, languages and tribes, God is also preparing you to meet them.


We pray that each of us believer will start making sacrifices and consecration of our properties, money and talents for God’s use in their own missions. Let us pray for one seeking soul every day and let us pray for our readiness to open our doors.


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Thank You

God Bless

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