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November 2022 (2)

Standing Strong Because of Him


We funded the building of the studio when we sold one of our properties in Jakarta around November 2011. The work began immediately after, and the building was completed in April of 2012. Within the same month we acquired a 90K USD uplink system and quickly we started broadcasting live. It was a game changer! We no longer travelled to the satellite company to maintain our playout system, and setting up programs can be done at the same place. We no longer had connection problems that usually resulted in down time. 

Now eleven years later the building is standing as a witness of God’s promise that He will enable anyone who answers to His biddin. He has sustained the work of the television because He loves the people in this region of the world. He loves Indonesia.

Thousands of hours being produced in the studio building have reached the hearts of those who seek Him.

However no building can last forever without needing restoration and maintenance. Since 2011we have seen countless number of small earthquakes, few big ones, high winds, tropical storms, heaviest of rains, at least two lightning strikes, and the ever present molds and rusts. In the beginning we plastered only half of the wall, and we covered the rest of the bricks with sheets of bamboo thatch in order to disguise the large buiding standing alone in the moutain, without neighbors. For a long time the locals thought the building was used to house certain bird species, having their nests made with their saliva, where locally the nests get sold for good profit as delicacies or Chinese medication. We liked the inconspicuous look of the building, but didn’t realize without fully plastering the bricks the walls were never going to hold strong. 

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In the past four years we have seen the vast development in the area, and city dwellers now have their getaway villas just around the studio. We no longer needed to hide the structure with the bamboo thatch sheets. When we peeled them off we discovered serious cracks and splits around the walls and in some areas the bricks could no longer be kept straight. They must have been caused by the 5.0 - 6.0 earthquakes we have had at least three times this past decade. God has certainly sustained the walls from total collapse.



We placed new windows, where they were previously absent, to kill the molds inside through the use of natural lights, and the air quality quickly improved, too. We have been avoiding windows to keep sounds away but we praise the Lord we could maintain soundproof level the way it has always been. We put new roofs above the clinic that is attached to the studio and there is no more  leak.


God is good that He is funding the restoration of the studio. We are all happy working and worshiping inside daily now. Please pray that He sustains the work here in HCBN Indonesia.

Account Name: 

Yayasan Misi Sukarela Indonesia



BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)

Account Number: 0367196686

Swift Code: BNINIDJA


Thank You

God Bless

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Late in the year of 2011, few months after we started broadcasting in the satellite, we were getting responses from different places of Indonesia and beyond. Many viewers advised that our programs should be expanded beyond just nature videos playing alongside hymnals. At this point we realized the need to start producing our own contents and to have the capability of broadcasting live. We took the challenge and prayed for funds to build on the land that we had purchased a year earlier, in Bogor, on the foothills of Mt. Salak. 

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Nov 30, 2022

Amin, puji TUHAN 🙏

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
Nov 30, 2022
Replying to

Terima kasih atas respon dan doanya, TUHAN memberkati.

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