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HCBN Indonesia

HCBN INDONESIA is a network of Jesus; love ministry to the wider community in the form of Adventist Television media programs. With a variety of family and children, education programs, consultations, interactive talk shows, natural health and moral education. All of our work is non-profit and the services we perform, both on and off the media, are all free of charge. Our shows are active 24 hours a day and enjoyed by all walks of life, for FREE. Although our work is done entirely by volunteers from the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church and most of our programs are based on the Bible, our programs are not aimed at for certain circles. Anyone who longs to get the cool love of God the Creator of the Universe will benefit from our simple shows.

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Our Programs

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What Does The Bible Say? 
Children stories
Family Talks
Escape for Your Life
Fruit of The Spirit
Message to Young People
Are You Suffering?
8 Natural Medicines
Hubungi kami

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