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june 2023 

Summer Faithcamps 2023 Begin

Every year HCBN Indonesia has the opportunity to share experiences in ministry work with brethren in America. As we continually overcome challenges at our own work with Christ, the stories we share strengthen God’s people in the land where His end time church was born. The series of invitations this time were scheduled perfectly by Jesus for Asia and will bring the Tengkano family on a tour of eight series at, a recording series with and a conference at ASI International, and an invitation from the congregation in Ohio.

Our trip to the US was challenging. We had to extend our US visas that expired at the end of March 2023, but did not have enough time to leave the passports long enough to be processed by the US embassy. Due to overseas schedules since March, the beginning of June is the earliest chance for us to deliver our passports for renewal. On June 6, when we returned from Johor, Malaysia, we immediately delivered all the passports. The long process was finally completed after the US embassy asked Daniel to come in for fingerprints and Abigail to attach a birth certificate. Tickets were finally purchased two days before departure.

Upon our arrival in Atlanta, USA, our friend Rick took us directly to Collegedale, Tennessee. When we finally slept on a real bed at 2am, jetlag awakened us at 6am. At 8 o'clock we immediately picked up the RV for us to use, checked its engine and features to ensure proper operations, moved clothes and belongings, bought supplies, and by 5 pm we quickly started driving, as we were one day late for the meetings at Fletcher, North Carolina. The drive was nearly four hours away, we thought it was not so bad. But as soon as we left, we didn't realize how tired we were, so after only an hour journey, we had to rest in a rest area and woke up at 10 at night. We fell asleep for four hours! Continuing the journey again until midnight, we again felt unable to continue, so we fell asleep again in the another rest area until morning. What should have taken less than four hours took us 16 hours! Praise God, the RV vehicle, which is designed like a house, provides comfort and we can sleep, cook, bathe complete with toilet and other facilities.

As soon as we arrived in Fletcher, NC, everyone in the church whom we have known for the last three years welcomed us with cheers as if we arrived home safely from a battle. Our arrival was anticipated, and we came at breakfast and so happy to be with them for another weekend meeting. And meetings went well, and we met many old friends as well as new ones.

Monday morning we were invited by a friendly couple to have breakfast before we continued our journey to Michigan. God's work in Fletcher, NC area is tremendous. Schools, several active congregations and advanced medical center are all here. We are blessed to see our members are passionate about their work. God bless us all, wherever we are.

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