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OCTOber (1) 2023 

Our Prayers For Sumba

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"For you shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles and make the desolate cities to be inhabited." Isaiah 54:3.

When we inherit a certain estate or sum of money there could be a mix of emotions. The joy in receiving something you never had to work for, but also the pressure of responsibility to manage properly that we do not lose what we inherit. Inheritance is also a sentimental reminder to us of the givers. God describes that the gentiles are our inheritance. His purpose is to give us everlasting joy, and to remind us that we are subjects dear to His heart. 

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This week we received a message from Brother Jo in Sumba Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), where he lives and works. It was our pleasure to meet him through our messaging system. In 2014 he was switching between television channels at his own home and came across HCBN Indonesia when a series of bible lessons was being aired. It was about following Christ and submitting completely to Him through baptism. He never heard that there were types of baptism: Through immersion in water our previous self gets buried in Him, and rising out of water we enter a new life in Jesus. Four years later he decided that he has learned enough, and he sought a church where he could be baptized. He found an Adventist church in the island, and he is happily following Jesus. He is no longer worshiping his ancestors, through a traditional religious system held in the island called Marapu.

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Rahman is a diligent bible worker in the interior parts of the same island where Brother Jo lives. Rahman contacts HCBN Indonesia every chance he gets, or when he comes out of the interiors, to give us updates of his mission to Marapu worshippers. He spends time with them teaching bible truths with minimal supports. His work with the people of Sumba includes promoting our television channel so people can access through satellite dish in the area.

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The inheritance we receive is when souls come to Christ. We understand their struggles, being delivered from previous lives and finding joy in a new life with Jesus. But we are also reminded that inheritance comes with responsibility that we must care for them. Please pray for Rahman, and members like Brother Jo and their families. HCBN Indonesia continues to broadcast in unreached areas because of your prayers and supports, and we all hope that someday we will all meet them and hear the love of Jesus in their stories.

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