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December 2022 (1)

Fly With Christ


With 17,508 islands spread over three time zones, and the 2/3 portion of the total 1.9 million square kms is ocean, Indonesia is one of the hardest countries to reach. If we were to visit one island per day, it would take 48 years for us to complete the task. 

We still sit and just see the task is very challenging for the congregation who is present because of the high level of commitment, resources, expertise and creativity required to carry it out. I was reminded of the verse in Philippians 4:13 that we are "able to do all things through Christ who gives strength." The verse states that without Jesus we will have many limitations. This is what was lacking in my life at that time. Even though I am at church, busy with church activities, and theoretically know the Bible by heart, I need to invite Jesus and fully surrender to experience a new life!

The meeting the following day was even more interesting and spiritual. The time came to discuss the technicalities of the broadcast, and only those who had previously raised their hands were invited to attend in the next room. I peeked from outside, but while being called to participate by someone in the room. I was moved to hear what was said at that time, that the only hope for this ministry to work is when there is someone who is ready to experiment with Christ to any extent. Even if you have to sacrifice everything for God. At that moment I silently raised my hand and cried out to the Almighty that I longed to be that person. I firmly believed, and after that, a new life began.

We have gone through various experiences to see how God provides. So many tears, so much joy. The happiness of the missionaries a few years ago is now our happiness! A completely similar story becomes our experience every day.

HCBN Indonesia is not only a tool for viewers to know Christ and His love, but also a tool for us to see His miraculous ways and His love for us. Through this service our eyes are opened like never before. We learned that when God starts something, He will finish it. He will bring us to experience the way on the water so that we can build more trust in Him, and get rid of self-confidence.

We see that when we anticipate work stopping, we ourselves are hindering it. When we start to doubt, we are the ones who end up being the cause of the failure. When we lose faith in God, we become traitors to His mission. HE NEVER FAILS. 

We've been at satellite twelve years and God help us to stay creative, productive and have all the resources to run television 24 hours a day seven days a week. He never fails to pay the bills and encourage us even though our faith is weak as if hanging by a string. We saw many missionaries coming and going. Some feel blessed here, while others don't fit in and leave. Many people who played a big role left us, many of whom later became gems unexpectedly. Some sick people came and were healed, others remained sick. Some people accept the truth, others refuse and go back to their ways. Many encouraging experiences, many disappointments. Many praised and many also cursed and turned away. Many people let us down, just as we let them down. 

When we look at our past steps, we believe that our ways are not always in accordance with God's ways. How much we want to be perfect all the time, but God sees perfection is when we grow. He still loves us in ways we could never experience. No matter how often we make wrong decisions, His love neverah reduced to us. We only need to repent and improve next time.

HCBN Indonesia is not a perfect service. We have room to grow, and invite you to pray, and support, and advise. We hope we will reach the perfection of Christ in due time, and there the work will be finished and the gospel will reach the ends of the earth. We invite all of us to pray for one another. Thank you, God bless you all. Amen.


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Jan 16, 2023


Luar biasa penyertaan TUHAN selama 12 tahun untuk HCBN Indonesaj, melalui kesaksian ini saya belajar bahwa jika TUHAN menyuruh kita maka kita tidak perlu takut akan masa depan kita 🙏

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
Jan 16, 2023
Replying to

Terima kasih atas respon dan doanya, TUHAN memberkati

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