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March 2023 (1)

God’s leading along the way

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During the month of February and March of 2023, we are in the US for a series of Faithcamp meetings with the Jesus4asia team. Along with Tim Maddocks and Natalie Howell from Cambodia, Gayle Haberkam from Thailand, and Jon and Natalie Wood from JFA headquarter in Tennessee, we toured four weekends so far in Minnesota, Alaska, Texas and North Carolina. The enemy of the soul desires God’s church to stay lukewarm and unprepared for Christ’s soon coming. Satan does not like spiritual revivals and is placing every obstacle to discourage us from having Faithcamps. But God is victorious as we see families recommitting their lives to Jesus and desiring to participate in missions; an ex-convict struggling to rebuild his life witnesses a new hope and wishes to see his whole family in church soon. An unlikely guest in a church who accidentally saw a Faithcamp flyer in the neighborhood is starting a new journey with bible studies. A businessman with a growing industry is committing his means of wealth for God’s cause. God loves every one of them, just as he loves you and me.

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Since the beginning of this winter trip, we have seen God’s approval. The road just in front of our mission post in HCBN Indonesia had been paved since early January. The construction work was slow and none of our cars was able to pass until the completion date, the end of February 2023. We had to park our cars about a mile down from where we lived. The only way to get around with a car was to walk on the sides of the pavements and continue driving. Returning home is reversing the order with more effort going uphill and carrying all sorts of things with backpacks. A slightly better way is with a motorcycle through a longer route up the valley, to the next village and back down through muddy roads. When our flights from Jakarta to the US were booked for February 6, days prior to the departure we made strategic plans of hauling clothing, shoes, winter coats, laptop, books, backpacks, and eventually large suitcases to the car and drive to the airport. We were overwhelmed with the thought of going through the process, and in the meantime that week we were inundated with studio work, having to catch up with deadlines and all sorts of meetings. On Friday, February 3, we were told that paving work miraculously stopped for two days. And for ten days prior they were only laying rocks and gravel but not pouring wet concrete, which meant the previous pouring had dried up and was hard enough for us to pass with our car. Two days we were allowed to pass and we were able to bring luggages with the car directly from home. The day we were taken to the airport was the last time the road opened, and it was closed again for paving work until mid-March, about the same time we return home! 

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The winter in Minnesota was something we dreaded for the longest time. Our body systems were not accustomed to the extreme cold of -30C or even -40C. Snow was not the problem but the horror of frostbites on prolonged exposure was not something we could prepare for. But of course fear often time lies to you, and expectations will not necessarily be met with the same reality. During the stay in Dodge Center, MN, we had a pleasant home, a warm church, and comfortable car rides in between. God had seemingly driven the cold front from the area only to welcome us with nice weather, which was unusual for February. Everyone said if we had been there days earlier, it WAS actually -40C. We were happy to settle with -10C to -18C and it was “mild” according to the locals. 

Alaska was another destination that a tropical human would typically avoid. We had always wanted to visit, but not necessarily in February. We did not think to push our luck again this time, so all of us flew in with thick coats and mental preparations to enter the last frontier of North America. We saw from the air that the oceans were covered with ice, lakes were frozen, and rivers flowed under the thick bed of snow. But God loved us and the same miracle in Minnesota followed us to Alaska. God protected His equatorial missionaries to keep them from climate shocks. Everyone was glad to see warmer weather for the whole week of that we were there around Wasilla, AK. We got to see the majestic northern lights or Aurora Borealis, and it was even the brightest ever visible to the locals.

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The following visit to El Paso, Texas. We got to experience southern Texas’ high winds for the season but once again God brought us safely throughout the week the meetings were sweet and the people were nice, just like previous churches in Minnesota and Alaska. 

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The final series of meetings took place in Thomasville, North Carolina. The drive from El Paso took us around the Bible Belt of America and it has been the warmest time during our winter visit. We stopped in Oklahoma to speak to a group of young people in an Adventist academy for night and morning sessions. God even kept the tornado away from us as it was running through the area just a day before we arrived. The following day the drive was long and we finally arrived at JFA’s new headquarter to see God’s working miracle in providing the new office. At Thomasville, North Carolina, we had all been travelling for a month, sleeping in different beds and speaking with various groups of people. We gave it all that we had for the shortest weekend appointments but the result was awesome. The enthusiasm shown by the church paralleled the ones from longer meetings in Minnesota, Alaska, as well as Texas. We made several new friends that we will keep in contact with, and we all said goodbye to each other after the meetings were over. JFA missionaries went their separate ways as winter Faithcamps ended, but the HCBN Indonesia team has two more weekends to finish in Colorado and California. 

We pray that the work continues despite the challenge and overwhelming amount of travel. God is keeping us safe throughout the journey these past four weeks, and in two more weeks, we shall be home. Thank you for praying with us, we keep you all in our prayers too! 

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