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Instalasi Parabola

If you are in the Telkom 3S satellite area, you can enjoy HCBN broadcasts 24 hours per day and 7 days per week with the help of a satellite dish according to the parameters below:

Manual Search:

Telkom 3S

TP Frequency 3622

Symbol Rate 01200

Horizontal Polarity (H)


Here are instructions to find out the coordinates of your satellite dish installation in order to receive our broadcasts:

  1. Please enter your location area [Location: e.g. street, city, (Latitude, Longitudinal):], then press the [Enter] key (It is recommended to use Latitude,Longitudinal input [example: -6.5892°,106.793°] to be more precise where you are are located, use GPS to get the coordinates.)

  2. Select the name of Satellite 118.0E Telkom 2.

  3. If the line that depicts the distance between the location of your Parabolic Antenna and the Satellite is red, then your location is out of reach of the Satellite.

  4. Pay attention to the Map and Notes for Satellite Installation Coordinates listed based on your location. (Zoom Out for a clearer view of the map).

    • The Blue Pointer is your location.

Parabolic Installation

SMS: +62-8111-92-4226

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