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December 2022 (1)

Fly With Christ


With 17,508 islands spread over three time zones, and the 2/3 portion of the total 1.9 million square kms is ocean, Indonesia is one of the hardest countries to reach. If we were to visit one island per day, it would take 48 years for us to complete the task. 

In HCBN Indonesia we understand the magnitude of the challenge in bringing gospel to the whole nation. When we receive calls, or text messages from viewers living in places previously unheard about, we pray that God sends someone to show His love to them ASAP. Any service we can offer would deliver His love straight to those that are waiting. And their simple gestures of “Alhamdulillah”, “Praise the Lord” or “Thank You” would render Christ’s mission accomplished. Doctors, nurses, teachers, barbers, therapists, even caring friends to lend their ears. Anyone with the love of God would make a difference in the mission frontline.

This month marks our first anniversary in the aviation program. God gave us a training aircraft last year so we could build hours and get our foot in the door into aviation world. Indonesia’s flying situation is at best a nightmare, if you asked any private aircraft owner or operator. The authorities make it almost impossible for civilians to fly around freely. The concept of General Aviation commonly being done just about anywhere else in the world, is an expensive privilege here. The authorities have security reasons that we the citizens would appreciate, but it does not seem to be remedied anytime soon. The sky is too big for the military and authorities to watch over and it seems easier to allow airline-only flights to operate alongside military missions. But nevertheless God has made us victorious! We are now flying because His people are waiting to see Him in the areas that are impossible to be reached by other means of transportation. 


We have to race with time as the country sees about 3000 deaths every single day and most of whom had no opportunity to learn about Christ’s redeeming love to them.
This month we are busy repairing and upgrading the aircraft, in order for us to fly a great deal this coming year with Daniel Tengkano on board the program. We have had just about every problem that an aircraft would encounter, and we are fixing and learning as we go along. 

This year the aircraft has gone through: 

Two oil changes
One set of spark plugs replaced
Carburetor tuned to the cllimate
Carburetor main jet replaced
Cylinder Head Temperature sensors replaced and repositioned 
Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors replaced
Air intake plenum redesigned and reinforced
Airspeed Indicator pipe replaced, recalibrated
Instruments recalibrated
Fuel pumps inspected
Alternator upgraded
Nose wheel replaced
Aircraft covers made
Exhaust pipes bracket repaired
Propeller pitch readjusted
Valve and heads checked


It seems like wholesome to maintain, painful to keep up, and certainly bank-breaking to uphold this project. Why, people ask, as if HCBN’s satellite television ministry is not enough of a burden. The answer is simple, “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that HAVE I GIVEN unto you,” Joshua 1:3. The promise is real. Before we even acquired the aircraft, God was already there waiting for us to claim it because it was already ours. The souls were already His as they waited for us to serve them. When we took the TV challenge tweleve years ago, the aviation was a natural sequence to follow as many responding viewers have asked to be visited. We shall prevail in the effort to reach out to them, as it is His mission, His desire, and His bidding for us to participate. Let’s pray for this project together! Amen.

Account Name: 

Yayasan Misi Sukarela Indonesia



BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)

Account Number: 0367196686

Swift Code: BNINIDJA


Thank You

God Bless

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Comments (6)

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
16 ene 2023

Terima kasih atas respon dan doanya TUHAN memberkati kita semua.

17 dic 2022

Doakan spy kami diberikan kesempatan utk berpartisipasi dlm program ini dlm waktu dekat .... semoga

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
16 ene 2023
Contestando a

Terima kasih atas responnya, kami akan mendoakannya. Marilah kita menyerahkan semua rencanya kita ke dalam tangan TUHAN dan biarkan kehendaknya yang jadi didalam kehidupan kita. TUHAN memberkati.

17 dic 2022

Semoga ini juga menginspirasi banyak org utk menjadi berkat di tempat dimana mereka berada

HCBN Indonesia
HCBN Indonesia
16 ene 2023
Contestando a

Terima kasih atas dukungannya. Marilah sama-sama kita melakukan kehendak TUHAN didalam kehidupan kita sehingga kita bisa menjadi berkat dimanapun kita berada. TUHAN memberkati.

17 dic 2022

Praise the Lord. Terima kasih kepada TUHAN, terima kasih untuk semua tim yang melayani..Mari menginjil!! Yesus akan datang segera

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